Unlock your best writing
AI-powered document editing

The Roadmap (upcoming features)

Here are some things I’m going to be building next. I can’t promise specific timelines, but I’m working as fast as I can! 😅

Also, if you have ideas, I would love to hear them! Just click the settings icon in the top right and use the feature request form.

Table stakes features to make it a great word processor:

  1. Comments (google docs style)

  2. Track changes (but less of a mess)

  3. Version history

  4. Subtitles

  5. Tweet embeds, YouTube embeds, and more later

  6. Custom fonts (including fancy ones you own)

  7. Custom CSS (for you nerds)

  8. Better hyperlink UX (right now it sucks, I know)

  9. Mark a document as “Done” to de-clutter the list of all your documents

  10. Folders

  11. Add private notes to docs (kinda like a “cutting room floor”)

  12. Better mobile web UX (formatting toolbar is kinda small right now)

  13. Image resizing

  14. Tables

  15. Offline editing

Make the AI even more useful

  1. Experiment with prompt design to get better titles suggestions

  2. Let users choose from different styles of titles / writings

  3. Fine-tune a model on your own writing to make it sound like you

Cool features that are new for word processors

  1. Better “generate title ideas” experience (I have a lot of ideas here, but the collaborative process of brainstorming title ideas is one that can be greatly improved)

  2. Subtitles

  3. Style guide / linter?

Collaboration / Team features

  1. Shared folders

  2. Designate certain users as editors (they get different permissions)

  3. Publish a link to a doc, anyone with the link can leave suggestions

  4. Better admin controls, like see all docs ever created in a workspace, see who’s using it, etc

  5. encrypted docs (for premium users)

  6. Admin panel for premium workspaces